What are we looking for ?

We are expanding our team and are looking for Occupational Therapists across the Uk who have clinical experience working with clients who have suffered a severe brain injury. Our work typically involves assessing a client's needs and undertaking a goal-oriented programme of therapy intervention in the client's home or care facility.

We offer private Occupational Therapist jobs on a contract by contract basis allowing you to control your time and commitment.

We take great pride in our services, we love what we do and have a reputation to uphold and develop. We need skilled and motivated occupational therapists who will consolidate our reputation through their clinical skills with clients and through their professional interactions with the Case Managers and Solicitors we serve.

Do you have what we are looking for?

Skills and Experience


You will need to have treated with clients who have suffered a severe brain injury, working in a neurorehab service or specialty for at least three years.



You will be clinically responsible for your client's Occupational Therapy programme/rehabilitation, and will be working alongside a range of professionals, including Case Managers, Solicitors, Physiotherapists and Psychologists, making and informing key client-centric decisions.

Reliable and Diligent

Reliability and diligence

You must consistently deliver quality work to deadlines and schedules representing 
the best interests of our clients and our customers.



All aspects of your work with us, with our clients and with our customers must always represent your very best endeavours.


Care and Integrity

We uphold Personal and Professional Integrity ... a client is a loved parent, child or sibling.

What can we offer ?

Flexible Working

Flexible Working ...

You stay in control and decide what you want your working pattern to be.
Whenever we offer you a contract, you decide whether or not you want to take it.
If you want to keep your current job alongside working for us... or you only want to work with us for a few hours or days per week... that's fine !

Flexible Working

The best rates and rewards

Your rates are set at a declared percentage of our fee.
We believe if we want the best people working as experts in the private sector we have to pay accordingly and fairly. You may be unpleasantly surprised how little you earn working with another provider on a fixed fee contract or a rate which is pegged to an NHS pay scale.

Flexible Working

The best support

We know what you will need and how best to support you.
Change is daunting, particularly if you are venturing outside of the NHS for the first time, we know because we have done it. We have an orientation and engagement programme designed to ensure you're fully prepared and ahead of your first contract and a tailored clinical supervision process to support your client work.

Client-centred Practice

Client-centred practice

You focus on what's best for your client.
Unlike working in the NHS, private practice allows you to focus on what's best for your client based on your assessment, your recommendations and client clinical indications. This is what you trained for! The OT Centre focuses on marketing your services and winning client contracts for you.

The Best Tools

The best tools

It is important to have the right tools and resources to manage your caseload and focus your efforts on your clinical activities. We use the very latest cloud technologies providing comprehensive and easy to use services to manage all aspects of your client caseload, including scheduling, planning, clinical documentation, communications and reports.

Flexible Working

Service and innovation

We love to innovate and are using cloud technologies in a ground-breaking move to provide our customers with up to the minute access to their client case files.

Why are we different ?

We genuinely offer the best rates in a bid to secure and keep the best people on equitable terms. We believe if we want the best Occupational Therapists, we have to pay accordingly and fairly.

Unlike most providers we only recruit Occupational Therapists who have worked and specialised in this field. It is common practice in this industry to 'cold-call' an OT to place a client contract - we never, ever do this. We don't believe this practice best serves a client's interests nor does it constitute an established 'network of experts' to customers.

Where do I go from here ?

If you have read this far and want to know more then you probably have what we're looking for.

Why not get in touch for an open and informal chat.